The illegal human being

Andreas Henriksson, journalist, is writing as guest at GP:s leader page about the migration. He is confirming a situation, rather well known in part but unknown in its solution.

Some years ago, when unidentified migrants were granted health care for themselves and education for their children, a number of 20.000 people were mentioned. Now the Government are mentioning the number of 80.000 people who will get no PUT and are to be expelled. The police says that very few so far has been expelled and that there are many difficulties in fulfilling the task.

Consequently there are 100.000 immigrants in Sweden, in a sort of ’limbo’. They are in Sweden but still there are not in Sweden. The handling of these immigrants by the authorities condemn them to an existence without rights and partly criminal, at least offensive.

These immigrants eat, dress and sleep. How we don’t know. But using imagination it is possible that they work – to get food. They work to get some kind of clothing and they sleep somewhere. But they are no beggars, and the go to the welfare very seldom.

So they must work. How? Probably helped by immigrants already with their PUT. Also by Swedish enterprises, might be in the building branch. In both cases they are working illegally and punishment can come both for the immigrants themselves or for the good-hearted employers taking the risk to give them some income.

What’s the problem? They are illegal. What’s the solution – make both immigrants and employers legal. Who will profit from making those people legal? Answer: the Swedish society first – these immigrants already have the right to first aid and to education of their children. They will now get the right of paying taxes. From that the Swedish society will profit.

They will also be considered as persons – and according to the Declaration of Human Rights, they have just that right to be considered as persons. Very few of us understand the meaning of being a person. Many employers will be free from suspicion of criminals. Just let the employers offer employment at conditions agreed between two persons without interference from others.

Why should this be a threat to the Swedish society? Please explain it to me.The illegal human being

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  1. Fnatte skriver:

    I think we (the Swedish people) believe that if we give all immigrants PUT it will come to many.



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