Low-wage jobs

It is difficult to understand why all learned politicians have problems with explaining what unsophistic employment really is. There are no unsophistic employments and therefore the problem has no solution.

But still there are people who do not earn anytining although they want to . And there are also people who are asking for help. Those asking for help you can find in the bank palaces and in the big factories as well with the humble craftsman and the loonly farmer. The learned policians smile and say that it is impossible to match such employments. There is no market.

There is a market for jobs so unorganized that politicians can’t see them. Consequently there should be no need for rules and subsidies. There should be no needs for taxation as long as the services rendered are paid by persons who alreday have paid taxes and other duties on their cash. Such services are often highly sophisticated. The established business can very well pay tax and duries as long as they are not haunted by unions and media.

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