The shameless Trade Unions

It is easy to believe, that a Trade Union shall defend it’s members interests.

The first issue will be the question to answer. Why are all Trade Unions socialistics?
Socialism has never succeeded in politics. Those states that has applied the socialist system on their society have all end up in misery.

The second issue to answer is why the communist parties in the democracies rarely reach more than 10 percent and the socialist parties rarely advocate the socialist policies and rarely reach 50 percent. In Europe to-day the left wing has lost all realstic chance to reach a majority. Why should the members of the trade unions be socialistic? Are they? Some say the members are not left-wing.

Both these questions could be answered by stating that the members of the trade unions are not socialists but more like the majority of voters.

The third issue is then to anser why the leaders of the Trade Unions are explicit left wings.

In Sweden the production is practically in it’s total managed by professionals and owned by individuals. So is the consumption and the transport industry too. The wellfare industries are practically totally owned and mannaged by the state or the municipalities.

Still the emplyees in the state and municipality sectors are those suffering from low salaries and bad working conditions. Should it not be obvious to all of us that those in public employment should enjoy a better standard than the employees in the private industry managed by profit seeking tax avoiders.

The Swedish Prime minister is a Trade Union man. The president of the Unions Association in Sweden publicaay says that the Socialdemocratic party is the policial part of the Trade Unions.

The fourth issue to answer is if the actual Swedish policy defends the Trade Unions interests.
And why not? We have since long accepted that all of us are a collective. Do we have an alternative?

It is easy to believe that the Trade Unions defend it’s leaders interests.

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