The Socialdemocrats and NATO

Prime Minister Löfven stated that Sweden shall defend it’s territory,
including Gotland, from all threats. Both the Prime Minister and the Cpmmander-in-chief know that the threat everyone is thinking on is the threat from Russia. Sweden cannot resist an attack of Russia on any part of Sweden. There is only one way to avoid such an attack and that is by joining NATO.

That is in no way an agression against Russia. That is the only way to make Russia calculating the effort and findning it not worth while.

Consequently joining NATO is peacemaking. Both our Prime Minister and our Commander-in-Chief know it.

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2 kommentarer till The Socialdemocrats and NATO

  1. Fnatte skriver:

    I think is better to be a friend with Putin. If we have trade and good relation to Putin he is a lower threat. It would been much safer to let him hire parts of Slite harbour for his gas line Project. This is much cheaper then membership in Nato.


  2. 1147kjellen skriver:

    A membership in NATO is no contradiction to a friendly and positive relation to Russia, cultural, and commercial . A membership in Nato will reduce the provocations and make Putin more careful.



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