The Social Democrats

Just when the Swedish Social Democracy Party have their conference in Gothenburg thee publish an article of Jeffrey A Tucker called: Open your Eyes: Social Democracy is Collapsing. Now Tucker does not refer to the Swedish party. He says that Social Democracy is what actually governs the USA. Tucker states that Social Democracy is: ”It’s not constitutionalism, not liberalism, not socialism in full, and not conservatism. It’s unlimited rule by self-proclaimed elites who think they know better than the rest of us how to manage our lives.” This can as well be applied on the Swedish Social Democrats.

Tucker says that the Social Democracy fails because of being financially unsustainable. That is granting welfare to an old aged group of citizens paying by pilfering a young aged group. By time the young group grows older and find that the financing does not work any longer. Our pension system is a perfect example on that. It is still the same. Social Democrats constantly try to get voters by promising welfare to one group paid by another group.

Social Democrats are very much using the term ‘blandekonomi’, mixed economy,
saying that this means that the free market shall be used for all activities that are not of common interest. That definition allows them to use ‘mixed economy’ on everything. What they don’t want to say is that ‘blandekonomi’ means planned economy, socialism.

Social Democrats also have created a frozen administration. What worked 50 years ago is good enough now. The Government realizes their failure and when they want to repair it they are using systems popular 20 years ago but outdated now. Solving actual scarcities by inadequate administration and unsustainable financiation does not lead the country forward.

Freedom is the way to solve Sweden’s actual problems. But that is contrary to the ideas of ideology of the Social Democrats. Freedom accepts that others than yourself or your group of friends can be right. A solution that offers welfare to others than to yourself, or your voters, is probably an efficient solution.

Tucker says that the victory of Trump depends on the fact that the voters did not have an alternative. The ’old regime’ did not offer any attractive ideas, in fact the voters were fed-up.

Tucker says there is no Left v. Right, is is Freedom vs. All forms of government control.

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