Public Service

I refrain from trying to define the meaning of ‘public service’. Anyhow, I have learned that the Swedish Radio and the Swedish Television give the public  the service of a non biased news and cultural information.

So I listen this morning (March 18th) to a program in the radio called ‘Konflikt’. The introduction said that. ”Today we will interest ourselves in the Front National and Marine LePen”.  Then follows a one hour program concentrated  in feminism . Even the veil discussion resulted in oppression of women and not oppression of religious freedom.

In short, the program was a collage of oppression of women, races, sexes, religions, migrants and political adversaries.

Why cannot we agree on that women is a part of the humanity, races are equal in all biological capacities, sexes are two, religions are all superstition and political adversaries are those people that don’t understand anything.

Is it impossible to expect that the Public Services will adopt and follow these definitions?

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