The Trump syndrome

You must have noted the enormous interest for what Trump says and does not say.

The wall against  the south border to Mexico.  Why so upset. We in EU have the Frontec to protect all our borders. The object is the same.

As to legal immigration USA have the means for handling visa application in most countries round the world.  EU and the EU member states have no means for handling visa applications where it is needed.

Trump will negotiate the free trade agreements that are now existing.  EU are struggling to get free trade agreements. EU and its member states always honour the free trade but in practice  EU is surrounded by a tariff wall. (One of the problems with the Brexit is that Britain problably will abolish all their tariffs and go first to establish a real free trade. That means that EU manufacturers and provider of services will be able to trade with Great Britain without paying any tariffs. And the EU market will be protected from competition from Britain and the rest of the world.  That might give problems to be solved within EU.

And so on.

It seems to me that the Swedish opposition to Trump and his administration is originated from our own not recognized shortcomings. Is it perhaps our own herd of  elephants in the room.


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