Municipalities in Democracy

Is it possible that municipalities can bear a nations democracy?

Would it be possible with a society where the legislation was centralized to the state and the state handled inner and outer defence and Rule of Law.  Municipalities did the rest.

I have an experience. In a municipality that many owners of weekend cottages had changed them to permanent homes and more wanted to do so. The municipality told the owners that with time they will require all owners to connect to the public  water and sewage, still when was uncertain.  So the home owners joined and built their own water and sewage and connected to the net of the municipality.  The owners did it and financed it and opened up for still mote permanent livings.

I have lived with Sahlgrenska Sjukhuset and I have been told that Niklas Sahlgren donated the means to the public of Gothenburg to establish the hospital.  This must have been in early 19th century. Then it became managed be the municipality and now recently by the Region. (The region is not more no less than the cooperation of a number of municipalities.) It has never been managed by the state. It is thus proven that it is not necessary to have the health program in a government administration program or in a state managed program. The actual hospital organization is financed by a special tax which proves that hospitals does not need national financing.

The tax financing of hospitals is similar to an insurance system. The premium in a tax system is based on income and not on risk. If the municipalities refrained from a monopoly to manage hospitals, the market would be able to offer a mixture of tax and a risk premium.  Among insurance organisations a pool could be establish to handle the extraordinary expensive treatments.

Education could as now be tax financed. Competition between different schools should be stimulated to the good of the students.

Care of old people and of other problems will be better handled on a strict local basis.

A local police, without weapons, without the authority to beat people could be established to keep proper order in the municipality.

And so on.  From a democracy point of view this might be much better. (Just fancy that one municipality will be one hundred percent socialistic and the neighbour one hundred percent free market.  Interesting.)

We will spare us one completely unnecessary election too.

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