Another Democracy?

I have always been convinced that Democracy is restricted to one and only one definition. I do now start to doubt it as the University of Gothenburg, at the Department of Political Science have a program called ”Varieties of Democracy”. How could such a prestigious University just only fancy the existence of variations of democracy. I will prove the Department is wrong by just sketching on a variation of democracy, so that everyone can see it is impossible.

Undoubtedly the democracy must meet with the Declaration of Human Rights. Undoubtedly the democracy must be confined to a nation with clear borders. That is because the Rule of Law only can be efficient within a geographic area where the state has the monopoly of force.

Start with the family. The birth of a child means the acceptance of the parents to give the child a home, defence against hunger and cold, and give the child an education, aiming at support its parents when they grow old.

One isolated family will not be able to found a society, still they will need it. They will long to be a part of a large community . Families will join into settlements and settlements will join into villages and towns. The families start to cooperate and find what is best done together. The settlement will develop to a municipality and a local authority. The municipality gets an administration. The administrators are appointed by the members of the municipality. The primary task is, as well known, the security of the members, the defence and thereby a police force, the defence against fire and natural disasters, and thereby the idea of insurance is established.

The ’hows’ and ’whens’ must be the same in the neighbour villages and so on until the nation has been established. The nation will join all municipalities together and it becomes obvious that the nation must be reigned with a common law. That is arranged by establishing the state with the first duty to give a Law to the nation and to offer an organisation to uphold the Law in the total nation.

The Law is constituted by the legislators and the legislators are appointed by all the municipalities. The legislators establish a State based on a Constitution and primarily with the task of upholding the Law and and organize the Defence of the nation.

All the rest is in the hands and the obligation of the Municipalities.

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