The mysterious Mr Trump.

Journalists are giving us the news that Trump is going to build a wall along the Mexican border. The purpose is to keep Mexicans out of US that cross the border to work and live illegal in the US.

The cost for this enterprises will be paid by a 20, or was it 40, percent toll on Mexican export to the US. This toll will be paid by US citizens and will thus make the consumers of these goods poorer.

The product of the toll will be used to finance the wall. That will give employment but the product of the wall will hardly be a profit. The intention of the wall is to keep foreign workers out of US. Instead the wall has taken away a large number of workers to a none profitable task.

The import from Mexico has been a big variation of products. The incentives to the car industry will have to pay unnecessary high prices and will therefore look for other sources. So a toll on Mexican goods will lead to a toll on import from all countries.

The agriculture in US will suddenly note a lack of labour. To employ US citizens meet with problems. They require higher salaries, better livings, better social security then did the Mexican illegal workforce. So Mr Trump might start with agreeing to hiring Mexicans providing they are duly registered and tax being collected, social security same as for US citizens. The provisions of food from US agricultural industries should be a little more expensive, still much cheaper than with unemployed people from elsewhere.

Trump, as former manager of a big real estate empire, must realize that US will be poorer if he carries our that which is said. He will also harm Mexico, which in turn will harm US. All is so obvious. Thus Trump will change his mind and open the borders for legal immigration, stimulate the reciprocal trade and above all stimulate the US interior market.

Theresa May will tell Donald Trump all this tomorrow.

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2 kommentarer till The mysterious Mr Trump.

  1. fnatte skriver:

    So, there must be another explination why Trump build the wall. Which?


    • 1147kjellen skriver:

      I think that Trump is using a wall to explain that it is necessary to control the immigration so that immigrants come legally and pay their taxes. I think that Trump is perfectly aware about the system to regularly employ illegal immigrants to cope with the harvest times of the US agriculture. So the wall is also directed to the US employers to meet with all the terms and conditions for employment of immigrants. Also his own administration has to be dimensioned to cope with all applications for work permit/green cards.



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