The blessing of a free market

Explain to me why we have two obvious problems in Sweden with obvious simple solutions.

One problem is the housing, solved by establishing a genuine free market economy. Surely rents should rise, but most likely buildings and small houses should fall in price. There is also a chance that much more objects should come in the market. Those standing without where to live should loose nothing and with a good prospect to gain on this easy realized reform.

The other problem is the lack of staff in the public service. Again let the market free, allow the hospitals to pay salaries at which they get doctors and nurses. Let the school masters pay the best teachers the salaries they deserve. Let the army pay salaries to fill their needs for soldiers. Let the market work.

How to finance all this. Probably there is another problem – too much of the public services are managed by incompetent persons. Why? Because there is a believe that only elected politicians on all levels are free from greed and tendencies of personal benefits. They are lacking the knowledge of responsibility of managing big enterprises, and small. Therefore give a chance to professionals to manage the public service. Financing could partly be made be a harsh reduction of public spending of less necessary things, and of course a tax increase.

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