Market rents?

In yesterdays ’Kulturnyheter’ at SVT the managers of Government owned or State owned museums discussed the policy for charging rents of the museums.. The Statens Fastighetsverk stated that it should charge ’market rents’ corresponding to the cost of maintenance and fulfilling the requirement of relatability imposed on it from the Finance Ministry.

If it should be any sense in using the expressing ’market rents’, such rents could not be depending on any instructions from any official institution. No one can know the cost for a perfect maintenance of the buildings unless the cost is determined by the competition between several similar buildings and the competition between several offers of the maintenance.

How is it possible that representatives of the museums and representatives of Statens Fastighetsverk can believe in market rents when no agreement on the rents are made freely and voluntarily?

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En kommentar till Market rents?

  1. Fnatte skriver:

    The Statens Fastighetsverk wants to have income, so they have to come up with something.



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