Democracy 10

We thus fully agree on the condition of all humans equal rights and equal dignity.

Next step towards the perfect democracy is universal, free and secret elections. In this aspect Sweden is a perfect example for the rest of the world.

Related to this are both local and national subsidies to political parties. Why it is so is very difficult to understand. Whenever money comes to any kind of organizations the standard insinuation is that the organization depends on the donors will.  Why does this not apply to money coming from municipals and from the parliament to the political parties? And the mystery with subsidies to religious organizations. The Svenska Kyrkan does not get any money from the state.  However, Svenska Kyrkan is admitted to use the general tax collection for their member fees. To compensate for the obvious advantage to the Svenska Kyrkan all organizations of religious content receive subsidies.

With no subsidies to political parties the Swedish democracy should be still better.


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