Democracy 9

The absolute condition for democracy is the acceptance of all humans equality in rights and in dignity.

If you doubt it – test yourselves. Take anyone around you. Child or of old age. Do you consider yourself superior to that person. Do you think you are worth privileges not to be given to that person. Or do you really think the opposite way – that you are not worth human dignity or equality? Both opinions are possible and also rather common.

I will that you accept the idea of all humans equal rights and equal dignity.

Next test. Do we Swedish citizens follow this absolute. Do women in Sweden get the same pay for the same job. Compare then the salary of a nurse with the salary of other comparable jobs. There is a big number of comparable jobs with higher salaries.

Why is it so? If we all accepted all humans having the same right it could not be that women, and no one else, were excepted from a basic principle. Our Swedish values have no place for treating anyone different from the others. Why is it so?

Answer: We are not democrats.

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