Sweden after Trump victory

The victory of Trump is often explained in media by Trumps listening to the voters. The Swedish political parties should learn from this fact and start listening to the voters. But I think that is the wrong way. In stead the voters shall listen to the parties.

What is the message from the parties? Vänsterpartiet wants to finish with the capitalism, that is finish private ownership of production of goods and services. Socialdemocrats want to get financial strength to the politicians by high taxes and promising the voters welfare. The Moderaterna offer the voters stability, low taxes and a welfare related to the wealth of the society. Sverigedemokraterna wants a right wing policy with emphasize on the immigration and integration policies.  The Center wants low taxes possible by a better administration, more efficient, and no centralization to Stockholm. The Liberals offer an extensive welfare financed by a flourishing economy. The Kristdemoraterna offer a politic based on the family and from that starting point build a welfare and a strong economy. Miljöpartiet emphasize on a society living in harmony with the climate.

Voters, scrutinizing the programs, shall base their decision on what they believe in and what they expect from the government of the nation.

Parties shall stop all these debate in media pointing out what is wrong with all the other parties. It is useless to try to convince the voters that there is a difference between the left parties and the right parties. That difference is obvious and necessary.

The parties shall start to explain their points and explain why they believe that just their program is the most beneficiary for the nation.

All this might be less interesting from an entertainment point of view. It will also require a society willing to understand the conditions of government. In turn this might result in a voting participation of 50 per cent or even less. Democracy does not claim high participation Those who do not vote declare that they accept the decision of others. Such an attitude is completely acceptable in a democratic society. Democracy is not only voting, is is much more.

After all we must not forget that the election  of Donald Trump is not an election of a political party, it is an election of a president for all Americans.

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