Donald Trump

Comments on Donald Trumps victory in SR and SVT gives an impression that the commentators do not really understand the US Constitution. Donald Trump is not elected as a Republican President. He is US President. President elected. Both Obama and Hillery Clinton great him as a US President, all US citizens President, and promise him their support in his coming presidency.

There is a difference in Swedish and US constitution. The US President is Head of State with the usual limitations of powers. The Swedish Head of State is merely a honorary title without any power. So who is the one holding the authorities of a Head of State in Sweden? It is the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister in Sweden is a Party leader tolerated by the Parliament and at the same time holding the powers of a Head of State. So in Sweden the Head of State is not all Swedish citizens Head of State, he is merely the Social Democrats´ Head of State.

It is time to scrutinize the Regeringsformen 74.

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