Profit in welfare

A system with school voucher should solve the problem with profits in welfare. Give a school voucher to the pupil/child guardian. If the fee of the school is lower than the allowance of the school voucher then the pupil can choose to pay less and save the difference for future education. If the fee of the school is higher than the voucher the pupil can value the offer and pay more than the allowance.

There will be schools with special education for special pupils and these schools will be given subsidies in order to be compensated for higher cost.

This very simple system will eliminate the problems with profits in welfare.

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2 kommentarer till Profit in welfare

  1. Fnatte skriver:

    Profit in welfare is not the problem in a well functioning market economy. If the fee of the school don’t corresponds to the expected value of your choice you can choose another school with a different offer. Then it is impossible to take out too high profit.


  2. 1147kjellen skriver:

    I agree that profit in welfare is no problem in a well functioning market economy.. The real problem is that the actual government stubbornly claim that the profits in the welfare sector is a problem.
    The actual government aim at abolish the free choice on the welfare market and again get a complete control of what they call is financed by tax money. Another problem is that the politicians decide the amount per pupil and per patient believing that the amounts can be fixed on estimates. The politicians refuse to discuss a functioning free market system and they are very firmly decided that their shall never be a financing related to performance.

    The vouchers eliminate one of the governments arguments. The allowances of the vouchers are decided politically. The different welfare producers is allowed to put their own prices and the choice is given to the consumer of the services. No tax money will disappear. The vouchers will connect the beneficiaries account and cannot bue used to other things ehan to education.. More difficult is the health market. That must be organized as an insurance managed by patients´ interest, not in the interest of the doctors and hospitals.


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