The confusion of Monarchy.

There is a debate in Sweden about Saudi Arabia, is it a dictatorship or not. Stefan Löfven has said that Saudi Arabia is a monarchy and it is an absolute monarchy. That kind of a monarchy is a dictatorship.

There is constitutional monarchy which is accepted as democratic.

Dictatorship and democracy are systems of government. Monarchy and republic are systems of organizing a state. Monarchy and republic can both be totalitarian or democratic. That depends on the constitution. A constitution that gives all powers to one person or institution is a dictatorship. A constitution that gives all powers to a parliament elected by the people is a democracy.

Sweden call itself a monarchy. The Swedish constitution does not conform either with a constitutional monarchy or an absolute monarchy. Neither does the Swedish constitution conform with a republic. Neither does the constitution conform with common democracy.

Stefan Löven is acting as a Head of State on the trips to Saudi Arabia and Iraq. But he is not. According to our constitution our King is Head of State. Still the King lacks all the authority of a Head of State. So who has problem with their constitution – Saudi Arabia or Sweden?

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