The mystery of the Monarchy

Below I have quoted what the Swedish parties in the Parliament say about Monarchy.

The SocialDemocratic party manifesto states: The Socialdemocraty will preserve and develop the democratic administration of the society. Consequently it is our understanding that the Head of State shall be democratically elected and the Monarchy shall be abolished.

The Moderate´s  action program states: Sweden’s system of government, the monarchy, shall be defended. The Monarchy supports a long tradition and is a national symbol and a unifying might. The Swedish monarchy has a broad popular support and serves us well.

I cannot find the opinion of the Center party on the Monarchy in their ideological manifesto. On their web site I find: Maintain the Monarchy in its present form as a Royal House with only a representative use.

The Liberals say: We want to keep the Monarchy as it is to-day. The King shall only have a representative role and no political power.

The ChristDemocratic party says: Sweden is one of the oldest Monarchy  in the world and shall be preserved. Our Monarchy is an important symbol for Sweden and is something to be proud of. As the Monarchy stands above the party politic the King and his family do represent all the Swedish people.

I cannot find any statement at the pages of the Sverigedemokraterna. The Swedish Republican Association says that they have found the following: We are positive to the constitutional monarchy as to-day with the Monarch as the Head of State of Sweden. We believe that the Royal House carries a tradition and a representation that strengthen the Swedish trade mark.

V – The Left party says: The Monarchy shall be substituted by a republican constitution with a Head of State appointed in a democratic order.

The most striking is that all parties mention the system of government as Monarchy with exception for Sverigedemokraterna who is the only party calling the system a ´constitutional Monarchy´.  I take this as proof of that all the other parties does not take their declarations seriously as Monarchy as such is the same as completely autocratic . It could also be understood as a ‘Crowned Monarchy’ which is understood as purely symbolical. But if so the system of government must be stated.

I suppose the all parties understand the Swedish Monarchy as purely symbolical and the the Head of State must be someone else then the King. The Swedish constitution of 1974 does not point out the Head Of State in function.  Who can it be? Can it really be so that Sweden is the only nation in the whole world that have no constitutional Head of State?



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