The dreamed coalition.

The Party Leader debate on Sunday the 9th October discussed scenarios in case the Alliance did not  succeed in being considerable larger than the  Red/Green Group.

One problem could be that the Socialdemokratiska Partiet is a liberal party with a socialistic rhetoric. Their slogan is Freedom, Equality and Solidarity which is very much alike the slogan of the liberalisms Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood.

Moderaterna is a conservative party with liberal rhetoric. Their slogan is Order. Their core voters still lives in the idea of ”Obey the Authorities who have the power”.

The Swedish values are firmly established in acknowledging the ownership and recognizing the Rule of Law which in all respects are the same for men and women. These Swedish values is shared both by Socialdemokrater and Moderater. A coalition between the two parties is pragmatically easy but still impossible because of the rhetoric of the two. (And might be impossible also by the veto of the Unions.)


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