Why is Liberalism disputed? 2

Birger Schlaug in TV’s News Panel says about postal service that just postal service is a natural monopoly which consequently must be handled by the administration. Schlaug says that it is impossible to offer the citizens infrastructure services in a free market.  The free market, he says, are only seeking profit and that profit comes through deteriorate quality. How can Schlaug and many with him say such things.

A free market is an economy that allows individuals to make their own choices. How is it possible to believe that politicians and servants in the official sector are better on deciding citizens preferences than themselves.  How is it possible to believe that delivering a letter to the addressee only can be motivated by the prospects of big profits?

I admit that the use of mobile telephones has expanded enormously and i admit that the only reason is huge profits. At the same time I am convinced that no one in the public will go back to the state monopoly.

Monopoly can only exist by force. Liberalism can only exist by freedom.

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