Why in English

I go on writing in English. Why? Because when immigrants are interviewed in TV or Radio they always speak in English. And also according to the Swedish school authorities the understanding of English in the Swedish primary school is among the very best in Europe. Therefore the first language to be used when dealing with immigrants must be English.

Still immigrants are not the only ones understanding English. The rest of the world has English as the first language in mutual understanding.

Consequently the SFI, Swedish for Immigrants, is useless. It should be changed for EFS, English for Swedish, and could very well start in very early stages in the school.

Immigrants who want to stay in Sweden will most probably find a lot of possibilities to learn Swedish quickly. The free market will fulfil that task.

I am writing in English mainly for personally getting a training in expressing myself in English. I should very much appreciate that readers kindly will correct any wrongly used word or expression.

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