There is no liberal party in Sweden but there are liberal ideas. And those liberal ideas says that the state must give priority to the Swedish citizens. The state protects the citizens rights and liberties.

To-day, and most probable for a long time to go, the society of Sweden has to face an increasing number of immigrants. The immigrants have different motives for coming. Some, only a few of them, fulfil the original conditions for asylum. Those shall have asylum. The procedure is juridical and shall be handled by the Law.

Some are war refugees. Those must be given protection and the society shall require financial aid from the state.

Some are migrants for economical reasons, those shall be left free to support themselves in Sweden.

It is not the state it is the society that has to take the responsibility fore a correct treatment of immigrants. As no political party in Sweden dare to take a liberal standing the immigration will steadily be a problem.

The case Syed Latif is an example of yes to bureaucracy and no to humanity and reason.

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