Aida Hadzialic


Aida Hadzialic is victim of one of the Swedish values. Magnus Henreksson wrote some years ago about the Swedish people. We are working to much without being paid. Most of it is household work and work related to our free time. Aida must therefore make part, probably most part, of the household work herself. She has a special responsibility as a Minister to dress properly, but I suppose Aida is spending time washing and ironing. She must cook her and her husband’s meals.

She must go shopping, specially in COOP and be observed doing this by the media. All this is wrong, totally wrong. All this should be done by employed people. All these jobs are requiring skill and responsibility. It has nothing to do with upstairs – downstairs.

A Minister shall not drive her own car. She shall have a representative car with an employed driver both for private matters and official matters. In Sweden just now a Minister has a splendid moment in teaching the private companies how to spend money on representation. She must have a personal relation to the opposition, specially to the persons involved in the Education. She must have a personal relation to all the rectors of Swedish universities. And also the corresponding Ministers in Denmark, Norway, Island and Finland. All these relations are very well done over a nice dinner with wine and might be a liqueur to the coffee. This is beside the job as head of a ministry and the job in the Riksdag.

A Minister must also have a good relation to the journalist and to the police. In this case a fine should be paid and that’s it.

In the Wien Conference 1961 on the Diplomatic relations also Honorary Consuls shall be treated by the Police and the Courts with great discretion. Why not allow also a Minister such treatment?

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  1. Fnatte skriver:

    Interesting points. I think it if people could focus more at their professional work it should be more value for everyone. Even for a Minister.

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