The Turkey Issue

I was sitting the whole night following TV2 reports on what was happening in Turkey. A very good journalistic job, well done. Regularly specialist on different matters, mainly Middle East politics but also on Turkish history and Turkish politics, presented opinions on these matters. There were no comments from the official Sweden, from the government or from UD, the Foreign Office. During Saturday 16th June statements from several states were published, also from Löfven and Wallström.

So far I have not heard the most simple solution and analysis of the situation. Turkey has no democratic governance. With a democratic governance follows some essential freedoms and rights, thus as freedom of expression and from that follows freedom of publishing and free press. A democratic governance also requires a parliament with members elected in a free election. In that parliament open discussions are heard and law are made. The separation of powers is essential for a democracy. And most important of all is the Rule of Law.

Failing democracy some people believe that violence is the only way to get their ideas accepted. We have experience of revolutions in Spain and Portugal without any violence. In Portugal the Armed forces played a decisive role still without a single shot fired. I cannot find an example of any revolution that has established democracy by means of violence.

So how shall we, who believes in democracy act? In all ways and with all methods but always legally and without violence.

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