Finally support

Replik till Klas Bengtsson, Grön Liberal, who advocated English to help immigrants to get jobs quicker.  I sent the following to Fria Ord at GP.
Whenever an immigrant is interviewed on TV or on SR the language is English. The reason is obvious. English is the only language both understand. So to make immigrants better employable it is up to us to meet them by offering the possibility of having English as the working language.

We can see how such an attitude is working in The Netherlands and in Belgium, and probably most other countries. It is no problem to use English in those countries, no one expect a foreigner to speak Dutch or Flemish.

So GP will have to lead the trend by publishing this written in English. It is a courtesy to the million of immigrants in Sweden who know more English than Swedish. And it is a invitation to all Swedish people to improve their English.

Per Kjellén, Classic Liberal

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  1. Fnatte skriver:

    Ericsson has a lot of english spoken emploees.



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