Human Rights.

The first sentence in the preamble deals with freedom, justice and peace.
The second sentence says that freedom from fear and want is our highest aspiration.
The third sentence says that the Human Rights must be protected by the Rule of Law.
The fourth sentence says that we shall be friends.
The fifth sentence deals with our faith in the fundamental Human Rights.
The sixth and seventh sentence deals with the necessity that all member states promotes the realization and understanding of these ideas.

Now follows 30 Articles specifying what the Human Rights are in real life. Please remember that this declaration was adopted in 1948 and the world was divided into the free world and the totalitarian world. The Soviet Union and China were two important members. They claimed that the Articles 22 to 30 must be included. Articles 1 to 21 is negative rights and 22 to 30 are positive rights. Negative rights are those which cost no resources, no tax money, to be implemented. Positive right can be understood as a vision that requires tax money to be implemented. The General Assembly accepted this as if not accepting the world would stand without a Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The totalitarian states of the world did defend themselves from any critic that they did not follow the Articles 1 to 21 that the rest of the world did not follow the articles 22 to 30.

I write in English as the actual way of understanding in Sweden is that all of us develop expressing and understanding of English.  This because we cannot teach all immigrants or the rest of the world to understand Swedish.




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