Housing shortage 2

In to-days TV debate Jonas Sjöstedt said that a housing free market should mean that the landlords will get enormous profits and no poor people nor students would ever get a living.

It is obvious that Jonas Sjöstedt does not accept the usual definition of free market and he is thus right if he with a free market  understands a monopoly market.  Next problem with Jonas Sjöstedt is that he does not accept the usual definition of a monopoly market. Then again he is right as with monopoly market he understand market controlled by some dubious capitalists. But that situation is impossible in a free market according to the usual definition among practically all economists.

Why and how can politicians like Jonas Sjöstedt go on living in his own world without no one telling him in the truth.

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En kommentar till Housing shortage 2

  1. Fnatte skriver:

    I think that Jonas Sjöstedt think that the number of apartments would be relatively constant. In that case the value of the apartments would be so high that poor people nerver would aford to buy an apartment.



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