Housing shortage

The FI (Finansinspektionen) is constantly worried about the way people finance their purchases of real estate. FI should be worried about how the Swedish banks finance their loans.

The problem in Sweden is the housing shortage. The only remedy to that problem is establishing a free market. Next problem is that government cannot accept a free market. Further problems is that neither the opposition can accept a free market.

Thus we shall all be accustomed to a constant housing shortage and constant increase in real estate value.

That is to make poor people poorer. A liberal approach to the housing market will make poor people richer. Why is that wrong? Can anyone explain?

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3 kommentarer till Housing shortage

  1. Fnatte skriver:

    Please, elaborate housing free market.


  2. 1147kjellen skriver:

    A completely free market is a market that has no limitations or rules imposed by the political side of the society. Building rules for the owners safety, such as fire protection, rules for sanity installations and so on are covered by the insurance conditions. Financing of the home is arranged between a bank and the owner or if the owner find other possibilities of financing that is also in order. Naturally all in accordance with common law.

    Media is reporting that Swedish people, members of the European parliament or any person getting a job in Bruxelles have no problems to find housing. Same thing in Oslo. Never the media are reporting that the Swedish people in Belgium or Norway are victims of a housing shortage.
    Your turn to explain why.



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