The topic for to-day is the taxes. Why do we have to be taxed. Simply because we have agreed that the state has obligations towards the citizens. Only the citizens can provide the necessary means. Then comes the question if it is the poor people or the rich people who shall pay the taxes. Of course it is the rich people, no doubts about that.

Just now Magadalena Andersson is concentrating in how to get the most out of the rich people because there is a gap between the poor and the rich. Recently someone told us that the best paid executive in the industry had an income 54 times the salary of an industry worker. If that wage is about 30.000 kronor the executive will earn about 1.620.000 kronor per month. The social-democrats call that inequality. OK, so it may be. Still the rich man pays more than 480.000 kronor in tax to the municipality. The worker pays about 9.000 kronor. Each month.

The equality we all will have, and what we in fact have in Sweden, is the political equality. That every one of us are equal in rights and treated equally by the law. That means that the one who puts an effort in gaining as much money as he possibly can, is not restricting other citizens rights and political equality. The inequality in economic standard is therefore to the benefit for all of us. Therefore the government shall do its utmost to encourage the citizens to gain as much as possible.

This is the reason that the social-democrats are wrong when they try to reach a fair distribution of wealth. The fair distribution of wealth is when the government does everything to encourage all of us to improve our wealth. To have a progressive taxation of rich people make them feel unfairly treated and considered as second range citizens on the brink of criminality. That makes them interested in finding all legal means to reduce their taxes. Regretfully some of them also use illegal procedures. That is a pity – all of us shall feel appreciation and estimate.

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