Money, the people, the nation,the state.


The meaning of democracy is the will of the people, managed by a nation and a state. So the people has to define the meaning of a nation and a state. If democracy need a geographically recognized country, then what is a nation and what is a state? Democracy needs the Rule of Law and therefore sovereignty in the country. Democracy needs a government based on the peoples will – so the nation could be the number of citizens holding the right to vote. The rest is the state and that could be the administration and the right to enforce the law in a nation.

And the  state must be financed. Most state round the world are financed by taxes on income from work. Most states round the world agree that work is the fountain of welth. Why should welth, that is the fruit of income and the meaning of economic and cultural activities, be taxed. That must be contraproductive.

Is it money makes the world go around or is it taxes?

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2 kommentarer till Money, the people, the nation,the state.

  1. Fnatte skriver:

    So, what is the conclusion of this resonemang?


    • 1147kjellen skriver:

      The common idea that the financing of a democracy must be taxation of income. Taxation of income is the reason for evading taxes. The media reports on people who have tried to hide fortunes and incomes and those people are classified as greedy and egoistic, failing in solidarity and causing evil. But if income is not subject to taxation those people would be completely normal and law-obedient citizens.

      So my conclusion is that there must be another way to finance the cost for democracy. How I don’t know but I hope that the multitude reading my blog should come up with new ideas.



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