The construction market

To reach an agreement must mean that two or more parties voluntarily and to mutual benefit have reached and understanding. Would it be possible that someone agrees to something against his will? No, it cannot be possible. You can accept a deal against your will but only if you in some way is forced to it. That can never be called an agreement.

A war may end and the loosing part must accept the peace conditions. Hitler might have come into power in Germany because the peace conditions were too difficult to apply to. Saddam Hussein just neglected the conditions of the cease fire conditions and that caused the still existing unrest in the Middle East. It is always the beginning of a conflict to force a person to conditions against his will.

In business, in the commercial world, this should not be a problem. If you are going to buy a house you cannot be forced to buy it. If you are going to buy a package of eggs, you cannot be forced to buy it. Still, if you are subject to the conditions of monopoly or cartels, if the gas price becomes high, all of us will try to find other solutions. So there is one great solution in the commercial life. You must not accept and agreement against your will.

Is a strike violence or just a friendly way to convince a person. It is violence. Why is the work market so difficult to handle. Why is it a common opinion that employers cannot accept reasonable working conditions and reasonable salaries. And why is it a common opinion that employees do not understand their own good? Why?

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