The public indignation

The Migration Court at Malmö has given residence permit to three Afghan interpreters, previously denied by the The Swedish Migration Agency. The condition for getting residence permit according to the Law is that the application is made in Sweden, and that condition was the reason for the previous denial by The Swedish Migration Agency.
A court has overruled a decision taken according to the Law. Undoubtedly the public opinion is on the same side as the Migration Court at Malmö. I say this is an example of the Swedish attitude to Laws and regulations. Also the attitude towards the Constitution.

Another example is the indignation because of the Panama Leak. A common arrangement at home in Sweden is that professionals form a company with the purpose to sell their  professional skills. The payment to the company is saved for future use or even to pay the owner a small salary. The rest is capitalized. That is morally the same as the idea of the off shore companies. The difference is the amounts involved and the much more complicated administration.

I would not be surprised if Jan Josephson had a company, or several companies, to produce the UG programmes. Is it so?

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