Illegal immigrants?

The government says that they calculate that a number of about 80.000 refugees will be expelled next or coming years. The Police and the Migration Office says that their experience is that at least 30 percent of those refugees that fail to qualify for a Permanent or a Temporarily residence just disappear and stay in Sweden. The Migration office says that the actual number of people living in Sweden with out a residence permit are about 20.000. They are called illegal. They are living in Sweden since many years and they have been allowed some welfare rights. But they have no subsidies whatsoever. So now this number will be increased by further 25.000.

Why shall these people be called illegal. To get the asylum is to get the same social security as any Swedish citizen. But foreigners that are in Sweden without a residence permit do not have any social security in Sweden. Tourists and business travellers are not called illegal. Why should these immigrants be called illegal. Just let them live here – but require that they pay taxes and register if they have income from employment or economic activities. Now their only way to exist it through black-market employments or criminal income. What interest does our society have to force these immigrants to such a life?

We shall accept the reality – those people exist and have their Human Rights as any of us. They are illegal only because the rules we have set to ourselves. And these rules do not work with real circumstances.

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