A constitution in decay.

Spain has a similar situation as we have in Sweden. After the elections in Spain in December neither the right or the left have an absolute majority. In Spain the opinion of the political parties and of the media is that the situation shall be solved according to the constitution.

In Sweden the situation is not exactly the same. The SD complicate as none of the other parties will recognize that SD has a place in the parliament because of the votes reached in the elections. The difference is that the Swedish politicians have decided not to follow the rules of the constitution but form the December Agreement. That Agreement vanished last summer, not in the air but in some strange shadows. So the constitution, the openness and the readiness to accept what was agreed by previous parliaments does not impress on today´s members of parliament. They think that they can handle things in their own way.

But I understand. They all think the RF74 is not worth any respect. Then the remedy is to agree to a constitution worthy of respect.

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