Separation of powers

The Rule of Law is an essential part of democracy. That is how the power in a democracy is balanced. It is the most important part of the principle of separation of powers.

The parliament makes law. That gives the parliament its legality and the prime object of it’s existence. That in turn give the Members of the Parliament their legality. The government cannot propose laws, the government must ask the parliament for the legislation they might find necessary. The parliament also decides on the budget. You will see that the members of the parliament are those really in power in a democracy, controlled by the Constitution, the High Court and the President.

The Government handle the Administration on the demands of the Parliament and controlled by the Constitution, the President and the High Court.

Have Sweden any problems? Yes. The Prime minister is according to the Constitution in charge of all, the making of laws, the making of a budget, the administration, and the control of his own acting. The impossibility of getting such a state to work is the reason to all the bureaucratic problems we find. Examples: many – just listen to the TV-news every day.

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