Liberalism is better

Liberalism is better than socialism. That is because liberalism is founded on the ideas of negative freedom. On the other hand socialism is based on positive freedom. Negative freedom means ‘you must not’. Positive freedom means ‘you shall’. Both negative and positive freedom are restricted by common law – which again is negative: You must not kill, you must not steel, you must not lie.

A liberal state is based on the free will. A socialist then can live according to his ideal in a liberal state, as long as you accept the Common Law. If you refrain from private property you must hand over your personal property to an socialist institution which takes over your income and property and which guarantees your welfare.

The Amish people can live according to their belief because USA are liberal states. The Amish pay common taxes. This is an example that it is possible to live in your own way in a liberal society. The opposite is not possible. Therefore socialist should vote for a liberal society and then live in their own way. That goes also for all religions and all races.

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  1. Fnatte skriver:

    Please give example of positive freedom.



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