Agreement v. compromise

An agreement must be approved by competent parties and to the benefit of all. A compromise is a deal where each party gives up part of their demands. In Paris the world is going to force a deal by sitting all night, not to mutually approve the result but to accept it.

The chairman of the climate meeting in Paris Lauren Fabius says: ”We are all aware that we must leave the ideal agreement and to compromise.” So a compromise is not the ideal agreement!

It is so because all of us obviously are afraid to leave a meeting without an agreement.  We think it is better with a deal which all of us are not so happy with, rather then a agreement all like and cherish.

When arguing remember that the other part might have some truth and yourself might fail in something. And the other way round. Find out and you will end up with an agreement to the benefit of both parts.

So agreement yes, compromise no.

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En kommentar till Agreement v. compromise

  1. Fnatte skriver:

    If it worldn’t be an agremment in Paris. What world the happen with the climate?



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