Extract from the speech of Annie Lööf Dec. 8th.

The principles of the Rule of law are the reason for Sweden to reveal and to stop the threats to our free and open society. The police and the authorities who have the task to ensure law and order must be where they are needed. Therefore the Center will spend two billions to expand police services. The laws against incitement to violence or hatred must be modernized and used. This goes also for those who leave Sweden in order to join Daesh. After the loathsome attacks in Paris France has asked Sweden and the EU-nations to help. And that we shall comply with. It is our duty.

During the last two months 80000 people have asked for asylum in Sweden. The EU governments see the failures of the systems and are on the same line as the Center to make the necessary reforms. The Swedish Government does see the problems, still reforms are definitely necessary.

The Center suggests that the Migrationsverket does not engage in finding living for the asylum seeking. In stead the asylum seeking shall get a daily allowance and arrange their living themselves. Elderly people and children will have the needed support, but from the municipals, not from Migrationsverket.

The refugees must be given the possibility to work from the very first day. The asylum system and the work market is a jungle of rules. We suggest the first rule to be reformed: It shall be allowed to work from the first day in Sweden.

The Center gives preference to the individual rather then to the system We do not blame the bad systems to those who are in difficulties. We change what is wrong.

The climate changes and the consequences are dramatic. The Center is in Paris and the priorities are:

A transparent and long-sighted agreement with is checked over time. Climate investments outside the home nations shall be counted. The trade with pollution rights shall be expanded. Subsidies to renewable fuel must be allowed.

And she ends with: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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