Democracy and the efficient state

Please agree with me that democracy is a system of government.  Democracy is not an ideology nor is it philosophy. The prime responsibility of the democratic state is to protect their citizens.  That shall be done with the Rule of Law.

I am happy to see that the actual situation in Sweden with the sudden increase of refugees and the terrorist attacks has made the police  a trusted defender of our citizens interior security.

Then comes the Rule of Law. It has now been obvious to the media that the Swedish bureaucracy suffers of a legislation with too many laws. As an example the housing market has not been working since WWII. Specially now Sweden needs to build rapidly a lot of housing. The national and the municipal regulations have contradictions and the bureaucracy seems unable to coop with the situation.  And so in many fields.

When we finally start to appreciate our police forces the appreciation hopefully will spread to the whole administration. The liberal small state could be the solution. ‘Disgracefully all called liberalism is a suspect idea in Sweden.  And still Sweden have a man called Anders Chydenius. Unknown to most of us.  We can be nationalistic , we do not have to call Adam Smith.




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