Refugees are indeed an asset.

Things are moving. To-day Ylva Johansson, Minister of Employment, had a press meeting informing that the attitude towards refugees will change. Every refugee has qualities and carrier experiences. Those qualities shall be handled individually. Teaching Swedish will be based on each refugee’s experiences. The validation of academic studies will be speeded up. Employers will get subsidies in order to take refugees to practice their previous jobs.

A good example were menitoned the other day. A Syrian teacher got practice in a school with the puprose to learn Swedish quicker. In the school there were quite a lot of refugee pupils in ordinary classes without knowing Swedish. They had difficulties to follow classes but this teacher assisted by explaining in Arabic. Everyone happy. It is easy to understand that refugees can start immediately to be usuful in the Swedish society. Don’t hesitate, go on!

There is one thing to remember. The Swedish tax system takes 30 percent of the salary and the Employer pays 30 percent duty on the gross salary. Thus the employee must produce more or less 100 percent more than his cash salary to cover the employers cost. On top of this the employee pays around 20 percent in consumer taxes. So the Swedish tax burden make all efforts to integrate both citizens and immgigrants unnecessary hard. A tax reform seems to be necessary. Now.

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  1. Fnatte skriver:

    I agree, we need to lower taxes.



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