Refugees are indeed an asset.2

The Minister of Work has come with several suggestions to let refugees make use of their own opinion to get a job and to  develop their occupations in Sweden. The authorities will only help and offer opporunities.  Not interfere in the indiviual refugees own efforts to support  oneself.

There is a problem in what the Confederation of Swedish Unions (LO) have said continnously.  The LO does not approve a work market that is not within the collective agreements with the Confederations of Swedish Enterprise. The conditions of the colletive agreements are many and are not designed for employments of newly arrived refugees to Sweden. So far there have come no signals from LO  that they are prepared to consider the very special situation for newly arrived people with no knowledge of Swedish language and no knowledge of Swedish labor culture.

The Minister of work, representing the administration and the Government is meeting the Unions Confederation, LO,  with quite different opinions on immigrants and refugees. Inevitably there will be a conflict between Government and LO, a kind of guild organisation.

Wait and see.

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