Make refugees an asset.

I write in English because English is the only language that we can use now, immediately, to understand each others. Those people against can try to speek Swedish with someone who only speeks Arabic.

Sweden faces a case of contradiction. We want to help all refugees but we think that the refugees only will accept us if we offer a first class reception. Some of us are worried about the jobs. They don’t see that the refugees create a lot of jobs. Some of us are worried that we cannot afford to help the refugees. They don’t see that already today and in past time the refugees cost enormous sums that can be better used. Our bureaucracy must conform with the situation.

We must not hesitate, we must do the best of it.

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  1. Mina in Istanbul skriver:

    Well written! Of course Sweden and Europe can afford refugee immigration. Not only is it a matter of bureaucratic changes and the costs connected to refugee immigration. It is also, I argue, a matter of changing the mindset to not only thinking about what we can do for refugees but also what they can do for us, and to not be afraid of asking for something in return – not as a ‘payment’ for granting the asylum but as a part of the integration process. It is only by letting our new citizens contribute to our society that they can actually become a part of it!


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