Segregation Integration

There is quite a lot of comments on problems with segregation and integration of refugees.

The problem is not the immigrants, the problem is us, ethnic swedes.  It is a quite natural behavior to keep a family together, to keep two families from the same hometown or from the same country together.  If they lived together  in their hometown then is it not segregation to live together here in Sweden.  Those who are segregated are we.

Then we have constructed a problem with integration and assimilation.  We have the language Swedish for Immigrants as obligatory to get some advantages.  But we do not have English for Swedish to get the free schools. It is a kind of discrimination to tell people that the Swedish language is worth more than a common language that all of us understand.

I will publish this blogg in my best English, hoping that you who reed it wiill help me to improve my English by correcting all my errors to make it understandable for as many people as possible.  Might be that some immigrants will reed this blogg.  I hope so.





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